More Action Game


Alex In Danger Alex In Danger Plays: 1826   Support High Score

As usual Alex is in danger. Help him find his way home through three treacherous worlds.

Chopper2 Chopper2 Plays: 2440   Support High Score

Flying a helicopter through an obstacle course... Sounds dull? It is harder than it looks

City Jumper: NY Bonus Edition City Jumper: NY Bonus Edition Plays: 2400   Support High Score

New York Edition with Bonus Levels!!

Aitchu Aitchu Plays: 2033   Support High Score

You are Aitchu The Ninja. You have to save Sawsi San from the kidnappers in their aquatic domain.

More Sports Game


B-Ball Shoot-Out B-Ball Shoot-Out Plays: 2757   Support High Score

You must score a set minimum number of points to stay in the game for all four periods.

Aggressive Alpine Skiing Aggressive Alpine Skiing Plays: 2035   Support High Score

Nice sking game!.

Bad Uglies Bad Uglies Plays: 2253   Support High Score

Score Touchdowns....

Fisticuffs Boxing Fisticuffs Boxing Plays: 2603   Support High Score

Fight your way to the Champion List by beating as many opponents as you can.

More Puzzle Game


Block Buster Block Buster Plays: 2210   Support High Score

Bust blocks

Clover Crunch Clover Crunch Plays: 2834   Support High Score

A puzzle where you match things

Bejeweled Bejeweled Plays: 3412   Support High Score

Match 3 similar jewels and decrease the lines

ABC wordgame ABC wordgame Plays: 2005   Support High Score

Find the words from the array of letters before time runs up.

More Shoot em up Game

Shoot em up

Bean Hunter Bean Hunter Plays: 1968   Support High Score

Start to hunt the beans today.

Bin Laden Liquors Bin Laden Liquors Plays: 1791   Support High Score

Kill Bin Laden!

Bullseye Blaster 2 Bullseye Blaster 2 Plays: 1729   Support High Score

Shoot as many targets as possible in the given time.

Another non-African Safari Another non-African Safari Plays: 1779   Support High Score

A wild safari

More Other Game


Bird Feeding Bird Feeding Plays: 1856   Support High Score

Feed the birds

Bombing Run Bombing Run Plays: 1544   Support High Score

The government is trying to destroy you by carpet bombing the countryside where you have been hiding out!

Chicken Run Chicken Run Plays: 2386   Support High Score

shoot the chicken onto the matress

Barney Blinddarm Barney Blinddarm Plays: 1622   Support High Score

How far can you launch the bloody rag?

More Racing Game


24 Hours Rally 24 Hours Rally Plays: 3754   Support High Score

You are the guy on the motorcycle

Ad-Break Toilet Dash Ad-Break Toilet Dash Plays: 3668   Support High Score

Quickly dash to the toilet while the adverts are on.

Badger Racing Badger Racing Plays: 3676   Support High Score

Bet on racing Badgers

5 Miles 2 Go 5 Miles 2 Go Plays: 3522   Support High Score

Only 5 miles to go in the race. 5 cars in the front pack with same speed

More Retro Game


Blackjack Blackjack Plays: 1879   Support High Score

Casino style Blackjack.

Bounce Back Bounce Back Plays: 1762   Support High Score

Sorta just like pong; but with powerups

Asteroids 2000 Asteroids 2000 Plays: 1972   Support High Score

Blast The Asteroids In This Fast Paced Shooter

Chess Chess Plays: 2459   Support High Score

Chess Game Choose Your Difficulty

More Beat em up Game

Beat em up

Cat Batting Cat Batting Plays: 2775   Support High Score

The More cats u have in the air

Beat The Cheese Beat The Cheese Plays: 2240   Support High Score

give the mice a beating with the ham

Bugz Bugz Plays: 2873   Support High Score

Try and keep your bug alive and avoid the bug killers

Chainsaw the childern Chainsaw the childern Plays: 2969   Support High Score

use your chainsaw to kill childern